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Top Secrets To High-heel Comfort, Only The Devotees Know!

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

I guess you clicked on this because you are a serial shoe wearer and just like you, I adore heels! Owning a site dedicated to bring you the latest styles in women’s shoes, beauty and fashion accessories, gives you as a reader the tools that will help make wearing heels comfortable.

Checkout the alignment of the shoe prior to committing to owning it. Most wearers aren’t necessarily aware about the heel alignment. Check that the heel isn’t placed too forward or backwards from the attachment point. Use your finger to check that the contours are smooth. No matter the height of the heel, it is always worthwhile adding insert paddings to the core/balls of the soles. This will alleviate pressure from the mid-point as the feet shifts during wear.

Visit your local shoe repair to chisel the heel a little for comfort and whilst at it stretch the sole of the shoe. If you own plenty of heels and know you will include more to the collection, it is worth investing in a shoe stretcher rather than walking around in thick socks and using heat to stretch out.

Moleskin padding helps with comfort and provides instant relief to areas of the skin that tends to rub against the shoe. It is often presented in tape form, so cut to fit. Plasters, especially the fabric can be your go to.

You may also wish to apply a numbing gel for the sensitive area of the feet, if you are going to be in heels for awhile. Measure with accuracy using inches or centimeters preferably for standard size shoes. Using these units, provides more comfortability and transparency. When you purchase by country sizing; EU, UK or US for example, note that stores vary the fit (which is inconsistent). Alero Collections recommends you measure your feet using soft tape and select your size accordingly in centimeters.

If your skin sweats after awhile causing your feet to slide forward, try adding heel grips or powder to help with this. You will find most of these items available on and also as a surprise for our subscribers at Go on, what are you waiting for? Be surprisingly delighted!

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