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Editor's Sneak Peeks For January

This month’s item picks for January is focused on new beginnings covering the necessities of beauty, crafts and fitness. There is no surprise after the festive season of having ideas that put new year resolutions into action, whether it involves taking on a new hobby or a total style revamp, AleroCollections puts it into a capsule delivered to your door. This month’s picks start out with active tools in Fitness and Wellbeing, the wrist watch you’ve never had! You will keep digital, active and on track with the things that are important to you and your lifestyle. Available in 2 colors, without doubt it will match your sense of style effortlessly.

As part of the various fashion style subscriptions, expect to glitter and shine in these stylish baseball caps. A stylish head dress classic trending in 2022 that you’ll love wearing all day.

The beauty subscription is always full of amazing and surprising gifts. One to take note of is the nail foil wraps plus instant cure glue, taking your home manicures to the ultimate level in minutes. The colors are bold, feminine and glam to vamp up your fashion.

The shoe glam is also having a mini revamp in terms of the types of accessories introduced, so look out for features that make your overall style look comfortable and fashionably come together from long laces in numerous bold colors, sizes between 150-180cm in length to buckle straps which will not only make your shoe pumps fit better but also add style and color. Speaking of colors available in this accessory, there’s transparent, patent black, Matt black and suede.

Finally, if you are looking into a new hobby and want to get your finger tips into more creative design, we have scrapbook Art Decorations that are so fancy you’ll want to design something just for you.

Up and onward, we thank you for being a subscriber, you are worth it and your presence as part of our community is appreciated! For questions about your subscription, services and to share your experience about the assortment, you are encouraged to reach out to us through the social channels at the top of our site page. If you wish to post a video subscription review, do message us through our social channels for a 10% discount off your next subscription (subject to acceptance).

All subscription items are available on for a limited time and even better you receive up to 35% off its RRP on subscription. All items mentioned above are included in this Subscription, so sign-up before the 19th to ensure you receive it!

NB: We politely ask that you wait patiently for your items. Currently our items are scheduled to arrive as separate packages and you are notified with tracking. We encourage that you confirm arrival of each individual item as soon as it is received and of it's condition if you aren't happy with it. We will rectify the matter as soon as possible for you. You have 14 days from the date received (only applicable to selected items). Please familiarize yourself with our policies on returns and shipping.

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