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Editor's Sneak Peeks For November

Dramatic was the feeling that began this month, especially now getting into the full swing of activities. Being one of the most busiest months has got the Alero Collections’ Team thinking about unwinding and relaxation. All subscriptions this month have an element of relaxation-related items to make you feel and look amazing!

Taking time out of a busy schedule to relax is a necessity. The flow of blood increases around the body giving more energy. It helps to have a calmer and focused mind which aids optimism, memory and decision making. Relaxation slows heart rate, reduces blood pressure and relieves tension. If you are one that forgets the importance of being and maintaining calmness in your everyday activities, revert that today and begin treating your body like a temple with Alero Collections Subscriptions!

Starting with the Fitness & Wellbeing Subscription, expect to get an amazing adjustable headset for listening and unwinding to your favorite music or audio in a surround sound type sensation. This gift item is definitely more than meets the eye with more luxuries included. Available in 5 wonderful colors: Blue, Red, Purple, Black & White.

Proceeding into the Beauty Spa Subscription, if you are into trying new products, here is a tool worth having!

The pillow neck massager is not only for home but for on-the-go, throughout travels, adding support, comfort to the neck, posture and to give a well deserved beauty sleep. One of several items included in this subscription.

Up next is one of the most creative subscriptions; “Crafts DIY Tools Supplies,” adding fun to your lifestyle should never cease! November brings you an item which gets you exploring needle work through this crochet gift set, one of a few individual items added to the subscription.

Finally, the Shoe Glam subscription has a unique surprise to make you look ultra glam or just help prep your tresses for that amazing look that has heads turning.

This hair brush straightener has your tresses detangled from root to tip whilst adding heat for an ultra straight texture due to its ionic technology that breaks up water particles to leave hair feeling hydrated. Therefore, the reason why it's less likely to tangle and frizz. In addition to this special subscription, you get these trendy, fresh yet glam platform heeled booties. This is 1 of 2 footwear to expect in the mix to get you elevated, available in white & black. Yes, putting a smile on your face whilst trusting we have you all surprised but covered is Alero Collections mission.

There are so many surprise gifts added to each one of our subscription packages to explore and every month for the Alero Collections Team is about putting the surprise and presenting the elements that definitely grasp attention.

Once again, we thank you for being a subscriber, you are worth it and your presence as part of our community is appreciated! For questions about your subscription, services and to share your experience about the assortment, you are encouraged to reach out to us through the social channels at the top of our site page. If you wish to post a video subscription review, do message us through our social channels for a 10% discount off your next subscription (subject to acceptance).

All subscription items are available on for a limited time and even better you receive up to 35% off its RRP on subscription. All items mentioned above are included in October’s Subscription, so sign-up before the 19th to ensure you receive it!

NB: We politely ask that you wait patiently for your items. Currently our items are scheduled to arrive as separate packages and you are notified with tracking. We encourage that you confirm arrival of each individual item as soon as it is received and of it's condition if you aren't happy with it. We will rectify the matter as soon as possible for you. You have 14 days from date received (only applicable to selected items). Please familiarize yourself with our policies on returns and shipping.

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