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Editor's Sneak Peeks For September

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

By Alero Essé

I just rang your bell, where you at?! It’s been a minute since a post, especially one that includes shoes/heels, so I had to rewind on how I use to do things. As we are still in summer, I captured these orange open-toe braided stilettos, which is now available as part of September’s Shoe Glam Subscription. I love how simply styled these heels are and as a plus, the vibrant color, a combo for the season. Do you recall how we posted the "Women's Woven Open Toe Sandal Mule Heels on Alero Collections socials?"

Well, it's being added to this months subscription just for the fun of it! The surprise is the color you can get, all colors have the wow factor and I am so happy to be wearing it in "orange." Questioning its versatility? Go full length with a bell silhouette, like this for a tasteful casual wear look.

Immediately below shows how it features with say a skort, skirt or shorts.

"Honey, I got heels higher than standards"

I am familiar with wearing really tall heels, so I would classify these as medium height and more suitable for a mid-beginner heel wearer. For those who don’t do heels and are flat all the way…well you can stay away! I would suggest the following:

These sandals suggested immediately above are available in a few colors (not on subscription). All footwear mentioned provide cushioned insoles for comfortability.

The texture is a braided/woven feature with a non-slip outer sole grip. Available in 9 wonderful colors, you’d probably want all, like I do. If you don’t know already, one of the fun things you’ll experience with Alero Collections is selecting your size, made easy by promoting self-measurement of your feet in centimeters. Simply select your size according to the measurement of your feet (measuring heel to toe in a linear and vertical manner using a soft measure tape) for accuracy. I’d say go a size up in these (if wide footed) and be prepared to guess the colors you’ll receive with this gifting bundle…surprise, surprise and so much more quality accessories (a total of 5-7 items) comes with the Shoe Glam Subscription for newbies at $98 and for ongoing members at just $89 per month!

The Shoe Glam & Beauty Spa Subscriptions are bundles that have us all buzzing this summer, and may be the most colorful and style trendy Subscription to date. Alero Collections has put together pieces that will feature in this September's Subscription that you do not want to miss. Other additions to look out for in the subscriptions mentioned, including the Career Motivation Tools Accessories & Fitness Wellbeing Subscription is the "Natural Roller Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool Set." This tool is ideal in relaxing and relieving muscle tightness, soreness, tiredness or even inflammation. Massage rolling is an effective tool for warm-up or cool-down, before and after exercise. Alero Collections is all about combining and rewarding its members with amazing, unique, useful and energizing tools that adds value in as many aspects of everyday living.

Inspiration, motivation, organization and knowledge are activities and concepts that go together, so it makes sense to add these ingredients to the little mixes in these Subscriptions. Alero Collections will have you guessing whether or not you will be receiving a lifestyle book or storage box to put your favorite collectives in.

Whichever it may be, believe you will truly appreciate it and find use for it. Remember this is just a few of the items mentioned that you can find in your September's Subscription, and the aim is to just keep you guessing and to maintain the surprise. Not to forget, the Craft, DIY Tools, Supplies & Fitness Wellbeing Subscriptions will have you discovering the great artist that you are (think Pablo Piccaso, Yayoi Kusama to Frida Khalo) with this compact set of paint and material mixing tools not just for the professionals but newbies too! All the tools one needs for color mixing and texturizing!

Furthermore, the Fitness Wellbeing Subscription offers other wonderful items such as the body wrapping for slimming, known as osmotic body wrapping, and is also included in this month’s subscription, Ladies! The technique has been around for awhile and it is one of the methods or techniques used to sweat out body fat for total slimming. However, to get best results, it is necessary to make it a routine and that means being honest on how you wish it to be part of your lifestyle in order to make the technique serve its purpose.

I tried this during the summer and it really did work. Some may wish to sleep with it and for others simply wearing it a few hours under everyday clothing is another alternative. It takes a little getting used to the feel but once you do, and are happy with the results, that’s all thatpart from slimming, this method serves useful for getting products to absorb into the skin too.

Its benefit:


-Maximizes your work outs

-Slims & smooths your silhouette while you exercise

-Thermal effect increases body heat and perspiration

-Recommended to use with slimming creams and shapewear garments


-Adjustable and can be positioned on any targeted areas

Have a wonderful and fulfilled month of goodies -- Subscribers!

Alero Essé

With Love, oxoxo

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