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Editor's Sneak Peeks For October

So this is a totally new month of exploration and fun for the entire Alero Collections team, welcome! This women's run-service is dedicated to providing life style products from our current subscription plans For the Shoe Glam Subscriber, we bring you a glammed up range that will have you coming back for more surprises! We encourage you to spread the word to others to join this subscription within the communities you engage in.

October being one of the most mystical months in the year brings a more than interesting line-up of items for your closet and it begins bottom-up with wild 'n out footwear! The "Ladies Knee High Gladiator Lace-up Platform Boots, Meagan" photographed immediately below is 1 of 2 heels included in the Shoe Glam assortment and will have you looking alluring wherever you wear it; be it to brunch, an upstage function or ladies night out. No matter the occasion, you are sure to be the center show for good reasons. You will definitely take style to daring heights in this classic color and elegant style. I absolutely adore these heels, it is unique in terms of the style as it isn't one readily available on the high street or luxury stores, I couldn't help but slip this on in time for this blog post.

The views received on these heels determined this post today, and why not?! It holds a color that is complementary to any outfit and a feature that is so cool for Summer into Fall. I personally styled it by wrapping the laces across my thigh as it is extra long and fortunately it creates that dramatic look that I prefer. At least for those who want this item as part of their footwear collection, it gives styling options. I paired this style with a skirt, but know that it combines well with all sorts of bottoms (although not pictured for this post). Note that it fits endless fashion style genres; from artistry, boho, biker, casual, chic, classic to cosplay for example. It is definitely a fun piece to own. I feel the fun in wearing this and the variation of its style.

Its heights are not for the faintly. It is high, but if you are already familiar with reading my posts, I don’t do limits and besides these get a tick for the arch positioning, as the platform conforms to the heel height to walk in. The texture of this piece, although isn’t real suede, is a good quality replica and combines well with the overall style. It will definitely hold-up as weather proof, but I do suggest if it gets damp to use a protective spray after and before wearing on occasions.

Next up is the "Mesotherapy Electroporation," a total mouth full to say. This beauty tool is not just portable but does the job of detoxing, cleansing, lifting, firming and more. It is available in two colors, Pink & White. Discover improved texture and complexion (results may vary per person). No doubt, this is a tool you won't want to do without as part of your beauty regimen. As a plus, your facial muscles will thank you for the workout and relaxation after the process. Also available in the Beauty Spa & Wellbeing Subscription for this month.

The "Eyebrow Powder Compact Palette" will help to emphasize one of most obvious facial features. The brows frame the eyes which speak more than words do at times. Your purse will adore this compact and easy to use kit. Looking good is more instant than you ever imagined. Find this in the Shoe Glam or the Beauty Spa Subscription.

Okay! We did mention Glam. So bling bling all in your face as you work your hands through your hair, your hands are grabbing attention. Why won't it?! Your assortment includes 1 of 2 ring styles to make hands look and feel more elegant than the usual and will definitely look amazing with your finger tips, especially for nail art wearers.

As part of the Craft DIY Tools Supplies Subscription, you can expect to find this sewing craft tool kit to get you started on any special craft or sewing projects that you have going on, along with other wonderful surprises.

As try an cover as much subscriptions as possible, I shall not forget that in the Wellbeing Fitness Subscription, you get a comfortable Yoga Fitness Mat. Just think of the flexible movements you can do with this as well as unwinding from an active workout feeling total comfortable and relaxed afterwards. It's available in

Once again, we thank you for being a subscriber, you are worth it and your presence as part of our community is appreciated! For questions about your subscription, services and to share your experience about the assortment, you are encouraged to reach out to us through the social channels at the top of our site page. If you wish to post a video subscription review, do message us through our social channels for a 10% discount off your next subscription (subject to acceptance).

All subscription items are available on for a limited time and even better you receive up to 35% off its RRP on subscription. All items mentioned above are included in October’s Subscription, so sign-up before the 19th to ensure you receive it!

NB: We politely ask that you wait patiently for your items. Currently our items are scheduled to arrive as separate packages and you are notified with tracking. We encourage that you confirm arrival of each individual item as soon as it is received and of it's condition if you aren't happy with it. We will rectify the matter as soon as possible for you. You have 14 days from date received (only applicable to selected items). Please familiarize yourself with our policies on returns and shipping.

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