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Editor's Sneak Peeks For December

December’s subscription brings its variety, but just wait until you see and tryout the individual ranges of subscription gift surprises! It brings layers of transitions, that gets you looking forward to the new you in the new year. One of my favorite subscriptions in the range is the Beauty Spa Subscription. As the name states, you are sure to be wowed with cosmetics and beauty tools that remind you to take life easy. I am absolutely adoring sparkles in general and why not as eyeshadow?!

Glitter eyeshadow can be rare to come by, so when it does, you can bet you’ll find it here on AleroCollections, either in-store or subscription. Wearing glitter eyeshadow can give that pop of instant radiant glow as well as emphasizing color boldness. If you want to take your make-up to the next level, this is the time to tryout this subscription or the Shoe Glam Subscription which features some makeup products. We are sharing 2 types of glitter palette set which feature a total of 15 individual colors - amazing right?!

Next up are these ultra bold patent leather lace up tall boots available in 3 colors: White, Black & Red for the Shoe Glam Subscription. These boots are sure to take your outfit from pretty to fierce in impeccably good ways instantly. Not only will it give you height but it is super warm for the chilly weathers. Who said fashion comes with effort? Well this style brings it all effortlessly and more.

Lets jump-start to the Fitness & Wellbeing subscription. This is one of the packs that gets your mind exercising with some amazing thoughts to unleash the power of your mind into action. For 1 month you get to listen/read on techniques to unleash Your mind power: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. Reprogramming your state of mind to get you to accomplish the things you want is one of the first steps to manifesting so enjoy the knowledge shared using the techniques in this guide.

In this months Crafts Subscription, AleroCollections knows it’s about having those essentials to make that perfect new creation and so we are sharing this DIY Wooden Embroidery tool, perfect for some festive holiday hobby crafting. You’ll find it convenient for home-making projects to creating something new and special such as a sweater, pillows or cushions too.

If you have been keeping up with the AleroCollections lifestyle subscription, every month is different and we get to share a few of the amazing items featured in a few subscriptions to keep you excited and up to date on the happenings.

There are so many surprise gifts added to each one of our subscription packages to explore. Every month for the Alero Collections Team we absolutely enjoy putting the surprise together and presenting the elements that definitely grasp your attention.

Once again, we thank you for being a subscriber, you are worth it and your presence as part of our community is appreciated! For questions about your subscription, services and to share your experience about the assortment, you are encouraged to reach out to us through the social channels at the top of our site page. If you wish to post a video subscription review, do message us through our social channels for a 10% discount off your next subscription (subject to acceptance).

All subscription items are available on for a limited time and even better you receive up to 35% off its RRP on subscription. All items mentioned above are included in this Subscription, so sign-up before the 19th to ensure you receive it!

NB: We politely ask that you wait patiently for your items. Currently our items are scheduled to arrive as separate packages and you are notified with tracking. We encourage that you confirm arrival of each individual item as soon as it is received and of it's condition if you aren't happy with it. We will rectify the matter as soon as possible for you. You have 14 days from date received (only applicable to selected items). Please familiarize yourself with our policies on returns and shipping.

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