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Shoe Memoir on Gladiator Heels "Penya"

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

My dressing task today was to put a combination of reds together and i couldn’t escape these pair of gladiator shoes. There’s so much going on with them. From the racy color, the shape, heel height, platform, gold rectangular studs give it the overall edgy look. Red to me isn’t the easiest color to wear because its strong physically, emotionally and signifies power. Hence these are the reasons why i do like to work up a look using this color as often as possible.

Positives are: 1. Too true to size 2. Beautiful color   3. Comfortable and has a cushioned insole 4. Versatile wear 5. Easy to put on and off 6. Dressy 7. Priced fairly Negative 1. I love the heels but it may not be for everyone 2. Faux leather scrapes easily around core areas of shoe

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