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Shoe Memoir on Olga YH 1 Shoe Review

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

By Alero Essé

Today, I’m doing a shoe feature on Olga – Yh 1 in Nude. These look similar to the Tony Bianco Crotch Boots. After trying this on, i fell in love with the way it wraps around my legs. Although the color is labelled nude, I’d describe it as a soft apricot and it’s not as pale as i expected. Its available in black. So if you are thinking of getting these for yourself then watch out for the tips below. I’m thumbing this up because it’s:

1. Nice to wear a color apart from the standard black 2. The corset design is vintage.  3. The over the knee feature is modern  4. It’s easier to walk in than it looks 5. The styles you can create are vast for example – romantic, elegant to rock 6. Good quality fabric – faux suede

Although I’d recommend this to the most stylish/fashion go person, I’d also say it isn’t for everyone but i absolutely love and look forward to wearing these some more soon with a combination of fashion wears and accessories! :)

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