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Shoe Memoir on Mia Mia Suede Royal Blue Pump Heel

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

By Alero Essé

It’s blue day today which means norm for denim jeans. Everything today was pretty casual until when matters of truth are like thin ice. Today i’m wearing a mixture of fresh and past.

Getting matters off the mind is good for the receiver when it’s truth. I don’t believe in vindictive behavior but truth because you’re promoting positiveness, pure motives and better expectations being prime.

I really do feel grounded in blue. Seeing and feeling things and situations from different perspectives is the expression of different shades of blue and it makes me appreciate what truly matters. To match my thoughts are these shoes. Did you notice the sharp toe? Yep truth can be just as narrow/blunt – opps! It’s a faux suede by Mia Mia. These shoes are smart, casual, versatile and comfortable for a narrow toe and because of the shape of the shoe, i think thought was put into its construction. The style is great with a wide range of fashion pieces from skirts, dresses, trousers to shorts as you see pictured. Inspired? Check out similar styles from Alero Collections...

Pros: Cushioned insole Comfortable Beautifully shaped Funky zebra print insole True to size Good price Easy to walk in despite the steep heel Smart/casual wear Attractive royal blue Long wear Con: None

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