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Shoe Memoir on Zizi Knotted Chevron Pump Heels

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

By Alero Essé

I dashed for these today because it was the closest i could find with stripes of green at a short moment to get dressed and get on with the day. Trying to keep to time is challenging and fun as a +2 and achieving it always brings a sense of accomplishment.  Anyway, back to these beauties! Although it's ultra high the color is absolutely stunning and the first style theme that comes to mind is exotic/tropical (more ideas below). 

I look forward to styling these differently sometime in next season and beyond. The material is like a linen whilst the insole is leatherette, hence the possible stretch from the main surface doesn’t filter through to the inner surface. The back is like an additional bonus. I love the pink back soles, it’s kinda unexpected because the front is so fun and creative with its small narrow open toe and tie-knot feature in front.

The style is undoubtably creative and fun. I think i’d carry the fun and creativity through to the other fashion pieces i’d wear in future with these shoes. For example i can picture these with a fashion piece such as a tulle skirt, with materials such as Swiss voile lace and Ankara wax print or styled nicely with some fab stockings. Zizi are totally casual/party and i do like slipping these on every now and then to add a bit of flavour to the rest of my outfit.

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Pros: Layer up with tights/socks during cooler months Exotic & Fun Comfortable True to size Reasonable price Crazy height is a cool match to style Combine with many casual and fun fashion pieces Con: A crazy height

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